This Page Let's you know who was in Sehzan

Today we're gonna talk about who was in Sehzan. There was this guy called Mad King named Isamu, he created Sehzan and he is also the strongest member in Sehzan. People in Sehzan was scared of Isamu because he was incredibly strong. Mad King Isamu recruited Paynius, and Paynius was the Co Leader in Sehzan. After a few months, he started to train people. He's students were Seveade and Dalton, they were the first 2 students in Sehzan. After a year he recruited more like Aerith,SauceGeek,Moose and more. Before they got recruited Lord Paynius gave them a test to see if their worthy enough to join Sehzan. Then there was more people that wanted to join. Darkcry,Deathbolt and BladeSlasher. Those 3 started in Sehzan Soldiers but BladeSlasher started in Sehzan Knights. BladeSlasher started with a good attitude and he had a bad attitude after one day. He was very cocky while the other 2 arent. One special thing is that BladeSlasher met Isamu the Mad King and he wanted to fight Mad King to see if he's strong or not. However, Mad King didnt even try while fighting BladeSlasher. BladeSlasher got rekt easily, but he tried to force Mad King to use his full power but he didn't. Thats all from me and I hope u enjoyed this page.

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